Is there a Malay special rights and privileges under the DAP

Mymassa – Imagine if the DAP rules the country. Everything we’ve dreamed of for the progress of the Malay vanished just once. It’s also unsure that the article of 153 in the constitution that clearly protected the Malay rights will be kept. The Malay rights will be banished. There will be a new system of governance so-called Malaysian Malaysia as what has been manifested by the DAP.

The present government and Barisan Nasional supporters, and in general the Malays and including the non-Bumi who have been long enjoying the wealth and sustaining the ruling government should have worried the stroking of political change when the former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, a legendary Malay leader had openly announced his long time political enemy, Lit Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim as his political allies.

A politician who sways by opinion and not by principle, Mahathir Mohammad, together with his son and the former Deputy Prime minister Muhyiddin Yasin appear in politics in a different political platform so called party Peribumi and later the party established a coalition so-called the Pakatan Harapan.

The Pakatan Harapan is a coalition party comprise of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), party Amanah Negara (AMANAH), Pati Pribumi Bersatu PPBM)and the parti Tindakan Demokratik (DAP). The parties’ coalition members carry their own intensity level and among the four parties, the DAP is the most established and the most powerful among the Chinese community.

Obsessed with rationalization, Mahathir’s political principle changed drastically. He is not any more interested in UMNO. The Malay right, the hegemony and supremacy is not in his dictionary. Mahathir attacked Najib’s administration and the UMNO without fear or favor. The embezzlement of the 1MDB and Najib’s administration becomes predominant issue in his effort to topple the government in the PRU14 after failure to bring Najib to court for 1MDB scandal.
For this reason Mahathir established a young party the PPBM and created an instantaneous political power through coalition party, hoping that Najib will be voted out in the following election.

Mahathir moves in politics with a vision not by principle. He was the prime minister, extols UMNO and its struggle, for 22 years as a prime minister of Malaysia. Mahathir would not easily compromise with the adversary and his opponents. One of the most unforgettable to many of us, Mahathir put his opponents away in prison, Anwar Ibrahim, Ahmad Sabu Lim kit Siang, the late Karpal Singh many other opponents party leaders.

A 91-Year old politician, Mahathir Mohamad, quit from UMNO member, even at one time a Malay hard core political fighter. Alas, today He will denounce Umno totally by forming party Amanah Bersatu. The Malay struggle is not any more Mahathir dreamed off as he was the prime minister, but dissatisfaction against Najib’s administration and his vision to liberalize the Malay mentality in Umno and the Malay in general become essential.

Supposing Pakatan Harapan successfully ruled Malaysia, would it be possible that the Malay privileges will be still the same. Or Malaysia will go forward to be an Islamic state as pronounce by Mahathir during his presidential term. Whereas the concept of Malay hegemony and Malaysia as an Islamic country was dead against the DAP’s political principle and struggle. The late Karpal Singh, at one time articulated, “ over his dead body that Malaysia will be coming an Islamic state.”

Historically, The DAP had sparked racial sentiment during a political campaign in the 69 general election against the federal government. The concept of Malay right that had been operating in Malaysia since Independence had been disputed. The DAP campaigned against Bumiputra privileges outlined by article 153 of the constitution, made major gains in the election. Voter turnout was 73.6%. The opposition won 54 seats in total causing the Alliance (Perikatan) lose its two-third majority in the parliament. Two-third majority being the majority required to pass most constitutional amendment .

Since then the party has grown tremendously as a chauvinist Chinese party and the concept of Malaysian Malaysia as it carries is a vehicle to leverage its political power in the Chinese community and the liberal Malays minds.

Most Malay political leaders and scholars have agreed that the concept of Malaysian Malaysia is inspired by the PAP leader, Lee Kuan Yew. The Dewan Masyarakat, February 1975 stated; The separation of Singapore from Malaysia is not at all stoping Mr Lee from campaigning “ and promulgating the concept of Malaysian Malaysia” in Malaysian politics. The DAP was said exist to continue the aspiration in of PAP in Malaysia.”

Despite a long array of criticism of DAP political inclination, during the Tunku’s government up until today, the DAP would never alter its form and determination.

The sojourn of several MPs from PAP in Penang in 2012 and the private meeting with the Chief Minister of Penang reinforces the public perception that the DAP and PAP have a political relationship despite Guan Eng’s denial on the column of Awang Selamat.

Meeting on the issue of Islamic law and regulation in which some “ulamas” felt it is necessary to bring for discussions, or any suggestion for enactment, the DAP, in a consistence manner against it. The eminent issue, the RUU 335, the language, the thoughts and conduct of the DAP’s in parliament reflect their animosity towards Islam. Not to mention other religious issues concerning Islam in the Penang Island. There are abundance of evidence that the DAP believes in person’s faith alone will suffice to bear good fruit which is contradict to Islamic teaching.

If the Party Pakatan Harapan rules the country. Will the DAP agree upon protecting the article 153 of the Federal constitution? Whereas the DAP was born with the emotional state of anti Malay supremacy. The DAP, the party that is having less influence among the Malay voter is becoming powerful and confidence after Mahathir’s endorsement. What is in the Mahathir’ mind?

Will it be appropriate to take in the DAP in a coalition as to convince the Chinese voters not to support the MCA that has long been cooperating with the Malay since Independent?. Perhaps, Mahathir is a good historian, or a sociologist who can analyze the future politics of Malaysia. After Malaya gain independence and subsequent years until 2000, Malaysia had gone through the process of transformation from traditional to modern society. Today, Malaysia is still in the modern transition period, although the era of globalization embrace in the country. Ironically, Malaysia is still keeping traditional and conservative system due to culturally bound which is seemingly incongruent with the mental development of generation Y.

Perhaps, Mahathir perceives that this transitional process might give him an advantage in defeating Najib since Najib preserves the UMNO old traditions.

The question is, how? Does his vision would benefit the Malay, the answer is no. His action can be described as the Malay proverb says, “sakit hati pada nyamuk kelambu dibakar.”


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